Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • professional
  • electronic
  • transparent
  • auction
  • portal
  • valuation of assets at fair prices, transparently and with immediate liquidity
  • providing a complete service, evaluation of the real condition of objects, detailed photo and video documentation
  • real image guarantee and detailed description of auction items
  • addressing the portfolio of business partners and creating targeted marketing within the EU, advertising and promotion of auction items
  • offer before sales service, vehicle cleaning, replenishment of operating charges of vehicles and others
  • securing financing in cooperation with ČSOB Leasing and. s., insurance, evaluation of auction items, provision of transport and guarantee of professional access without delay
  • the possibility of storing your items in a secured area
  • guarantee of transparency of purchase and sale of objects in the electronic auction, the highest price offer within the given time limit determined for the auction in question in accordance with the general business conditions wins.

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