Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Click on „  Register  “ at the top right of our website or at the link.

  1. choose one of the options:
    • Individual person EU citizen
    • Individual person who is a citizen of country outside the EU
    • Legal entity established in the EU
    • Legal entity established outside the EU
  2. fill in all required information
  3. read and confirm that you have been acquainted with the GTC of petap, s. r. o. confirm registration
  4. select the categories you are interested in subscribing from the subscription list and confirm
  5. fill in the received code, which you will receive in the email and confirm it or copy and paste the link from the received email directly into your browser
  6. in case you pay the financial security - deposit, you will receive an email by e-mail asking you to pay the financial security - deposit
  7. petap, s.r.o. reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data within 24 hours of the registration
  8. you will receive information about the approval of the registration by e-mail and you can then participate in the auction
  • check the SPAM folder in your e-mail account if you do not receive this e-mail directly into INBOX after completing the registration
  • if the activation e-mail is not available in your SPAM folder either, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Registration of legal entities and individual persons - entrepreneurs is free of charge, except if the legal entity is listed in the list of debtors by any of the state institutions / tax office, social insurance company, health insurance company /, the operator reserves the right to charge a financial security deposit of 200, - Eur.

Every individual person - non-entrepreneur who wants to participate in the auction is obliged to pay a  financial security deposit in the amount of 200, - Eur.

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