Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The starting price is the price of the sale of the item determined for the given auction by the operator, to which the user can increase any multiple of the minimum bid, but at least in the amount of the minimum bid, whereby the user makes the first proposal to conclude a purchase contract.

The sale price of the item is agreed between the operator and the owner of the item of sale as the lowest possible purchase price at which the item of sale can be sold.

Is a minimum bid (the amount of money intended for a given auction by the operator), the actual minimum amount of money by which the user can increase the purchase price.

The automatic bidding service can be used by the user when stating the highest purchase price that the user is willing to pay for the subject of sale in the auction, and if the automatic bidding function is activated, the auction portal will bid the amount of other users in the auction on behalf of the user equal to the minimum bid, but up to the amount of the purchase price entered by the user at the beginning as the highest purchase price he is willing to pay for the subject of the sale.

Manual bidding is controlled by the plus and minus buttons, this sets the amount you are willing to pay at a given time for a particular auction item, but this amount must not be lower than the current highest bid.

With a quick bid, you can choose from three prices for a given item at a given time, which are updated and increased by the minimum bid according to the current pricing of individual auction participants.

The purchase price for the subject of sale is the purchase price offered in the auction in question to the winning user. The winning price must be paid by the winning user within the due date specified by the operator in the advance invoice delivered to the user together with the notification of acceptance of the user's proposal by the operator; the maturity of the purchase price from this invoice is seven (7) days.

Bid the highest bid and become the winner of the auction if in the ongoing auction, ie during its duration as a participant you made a proposal to conclude a purchase contract in which you offered the highest purchase price for the subject of sale, and at the same time the highest purchase price offered booking price. Please note that all offers for are binding regardless of whether the booking price has been reached or not.

If the auction during its duration in which none of the users offered a purchase price in the amount of the reservation price for the subject of sale.

Further explanation of terms and terminology can be found in the GTC.

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