Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

All items sold through are verified by a professional test by petap employees, s. r. o.

Items sold through which have passed their functionality and quality test and the tested object are marked with the symbol „petap check.

As part of the "petap check" test, we perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle or machine, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses. The test is standardized and performed exactly according to the given acceptance protocol. Which test documentation is used depends on the type of object to be tested, for example the same type of documentation is not used for trucks as for construction machinery, as the functions and equipment of these objects are different.

We test the engine, transmission, brake efficiency, check the chassis, interior, tires, equipment. We also check and verify the odometer or hour meter of the vehicle or machine. The test results are listed on our website under the auction item.

petap, s. r. o. is an independent party between the seller and the buyer. It is very important for us to truthfully document an item that we publish in auctions. During the test, of course, it may happen that various factors enter the inspection and some information will be missing, which may affect the final documentation. We are also behind these shortcomings and we are ready to resolve your complaint or claim immediately. In case of such a finding, please fill in the complaint protocol and send it to us by email at: [email protected]

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