Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

If you want to make a purchase in the auctions, you must first register. After successful registration, you can actively participate in current auctions.

On the main page, you can choose from two categories of live or upcoming auctions, where you will find a list of current items. By clicking on one of the items, you will see more information about the subject of the auction.

You will win an auction if you have submitted the highest bid for the item in an ongoing auction as a participant. The Operator has the right not to enter into a purchase contract with the winning user for the subject of sale if the winning user did not offer a price up to the amount of the reservation price within an auction. Please note that all biddings on auctions will become binding regardless of whether the booking price has been reached or not.

If the winning bid of the auction in question does not reach the amount of the set booking price, the auction in question is considered unsuccessful. We will inform you by email about the amount of the reservation price in the given auction. In the event that you are willing to accept the amount of the reservation price, or if an agreement is reached between the two parties on a different price, the auctioned item will be sold to you.

If the reservation price has been met, our system will automatically generate and send you an advance invoice with a maturity of 7 days to your email address immediately after the end of the auction in question.

The operator will send you an email confirming payment, which will provide accurate information on the collection of the subject of the auction.
The winner of the auction is obliged to collect the item no later than 7 days from the date of sending the email confirming payment. After receiving this information, it is necessary to contact the person in question in order to agree on the exact date of collection of your auction object.

A percentage of the auction fee and value added tax will be added to your bid. Auction fee amount for services provided by the petap operator will be notified to each user before the execution of each single bid in one and the same auction. The auction fee will be charged to the winning user together with the purchase price for the subject of sale.

In case the information provided at a specific auction / technical information, photos, video, documents / is not sufficient for you, you can contact our sales department by email at: [email protected] or by phone at +421 940 504 444.

If you are interested in transporting your auctioned item directly to you, we can arrange transport by a partner transport company. The amount of the price for transport depends on the transport dimensions and weight of the object. We will be happy to prepare a shipping calculation for you, contact us by email at: [email protected].

The winning user is obliged to take over the subject of sale from the place specified by the operator in the acceptance of the proposal for concluding the purchase contract or to ensure its transport from the operator no later than 7 days from the date of payment of the purchase price.

Our company will provide you with financing for items from the auction in cooperation with ČSOB Leasing, a.s. based on your request, we will prepare an offer for financing of given subject according to your needs. If you are interested in an offer, please contact the sales department by email at: [email protected] or by phone at +421 940 504 444.

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