Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • passenger cars
  • trucks and lorries
  • buses
  • construction equipment
  • agricultural machinery
  • industrial machinery
  • excess inventory of your company
  • other movable property of demonstrable origin
  • for a successful sale, fill in the inquiry form for one or more items
  • upload real photos (optional)
  • our salesman will contact you regarding the preparation of documentation, evaluation of the real state, prepare photo documentation and video documentation
  • we will recommend the amount of the booking price /the lowest price at which the item can be sold/
  • we will prepare a strategy for the sale of your property
  • we will run an advertising campaign to promote sales
  • we will answer questions of potential buyers, we will contact you if necessary
  • we will provide financing of an item to a potential buyer
  • we will provide you with complete services related to check-out and transport of your item

Contact information for our sales representatives can be found in here.

  • the item must not be listed in an stolen vehicle database
  • you must be the owner of the item or have a verified power of attorney to dispose of the item
  • if your item is funded as a lease, you must notify your petap sales coordinator, s. r. o.
  • the expected time depends on whether you choose to keep the item with you or move it to petap, s.r.o. premises, where we can prepare the item for sale more quickly for the next possible auction
  • the time of sale also depends on whether the object reaches or does not reach the reservation price during an auction.

In the event that the item in the given auction does not reach the reservation price and no agreement is reached between the parties, the sale of the item is postponed to the next auction.

  • you will be assigned a sales coordinator
  • preparation of documentation of your subject
  • agreement of the feasible selling price / reservation price /
  • marketing of your item on major Slovak and international advertising portals
  • use a database of more than 10,000 potential clients
  • e-mailing of your item to potential buyers
  • use of our platform
  • preparation of purchase and sale contracts, processing of payments and ensuring the change of ownership at local traffic inspectorate
  • handling of possible complaints

After receiving payment for the goods sold from the auction from the buyer, we will pay the funds to your account on the basis of the invoice issued by you no later than 48 hours from the delivery of the invoice.

If the auction does not reach the set reservation price, a contact person at petap, s. r. o. will try to mediate an agreement between an auction winner and you. In the event that we fail to conclude an agreement, your object will be included in an auction at a new date.

We have prepared for you a correct commission system tailored to each person interested in selling the item on our platform. We try to approach each customer individually depending on the size of the portfolio that you decide to put up for sale through electronic auctions. We will be happy to prepare an offer for you on the basis of sending a completed inquiry form, or on the basis of an email sent to the address: [email protected] with sufficient information on the subject (s) of possible sale.

If your item is not sold and you do not want to place it in the next auction, you do not pay anything for the unsuccessful auction.

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