Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Select the item in the auction for which you want to bid and you will currently find the highest bid and bidding options on the right side of the screen.

The user can use the automatic bidding service, stating the highest purchase price that the user is willing to pay for the subject of sale in the auction, while in activating the automatic bidding feature, the auction portal will bid on behalf of the user to other users' bids in the auction. an amount equal to the minimum bid, but not more than the amount of the purchase price entered by the user initially as the highest purchase price he is willing to pay for the subject of the sale.

Manual bidding is controlled by the plus and minus buttons, this sets the amount you are willing to pay at a given time for a specific auction item.

If someone submits a bid when less than three minutes remain until the end of the auction, the auction will automatically be extended by another three minutes. By this we are giving others  opportunity to place counter-proposals and not rule out other possible bids. This is how it is determined in the online auction and can it be compared with the principle of the auction type: firstly - secondly - thirdly.

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