How it works

If you want to learn more about trading on, here you will find more information on how to do it. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ Section, or contact our customer service.

Buy in auction

1. Registration

If you are interested in buying goods in an electronic auction on, you must register. Fill in the registration form here.

2. Choose an item in the auction

Click on live auctions, where you will find all the items that are currently in the ongoing auctions. In the upcoming auctions, you have the option of displaying items that will be in the live auction in the near future

3. Bidding

Registered bidders may submit bids at any time during the day until the end of the auction.

4. Winning purchase fee (auction fee)

An auction fee is added to the winning price achieved in the electronic auction. The amount of the auction fee is determined in advance and displayed for each individual bid.

5. Auction winner

If your offer was the highest and at the same time reached the reservation price, we will send you an advance invoice by e-mail. If your offer was the highest and did not reach the reservation price, we will contact you for an agreement.

6. Payment

All payments are made on the basis of an invoice sent by bank transfer.

7. When can you pick up your item?

After paying the invoice, you will receive accurate information about the receipt of the winning item. Collection of goods must be made no later than 7 days from the date of payment of the purchase price.

Sell at auction

petap s. r. o. will make it easier for you to sell vehicles, machines, tools and technologies in a transparent and monetized form, all you need to do is fill out our seller form on or contact our customer service by e-mail or by phone.

Then we will contact you and we will take care of everything.

1. Inquiry form

Fill out the inquiry form or contact us at our customer service.

2. Preliminary valuation of goods

We will preliminarily value your goods on the basis of the information and documents sent by you.

3. Sending the conditions of cooperation

If you are interested in selling your goods through, we will send you the conditions of cooperation by e-mail.

4. Determination of the reservation price and the date of the auction

Based on a mutual agreement, we determine the amount of the reservation price and the auction date for individual items.

5. Conclusion of the agreement

Together we will conclude a cooperation agreement / commission contract /.

6. Sale of the item

Your item will be sold in an electronic auction.

7. Payment

Provided you reach the reservation price, your item will be sold.

8. Picking up the item by the buyer

We will send you exact information about the buyer by e-mail and we will cooperate with the delivery of the item to the buyer.

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